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first world's problem

2017-06-19 20:47:16 by SnowTeddy

mosquitos. BIG mosquitos. and the goddamn ticks. i went hiking and mountain biking the other day out of town and holy shit i get chased down by insects of all kinds.


Rest in power, Grenfell victims

2017-06-16 23:00:39 by SnowTeddy

100 people was killed in a massive fire at Grenfell Tower, Kensington, West London. Over 75 people was injured and hundreds are now being homeless. The victims of Grenfell fire were murdered by the system. The same system that promised them security, comfort and safe life. But it's not the case here. Grenfell victims were massacred by capitalism. And it gets worse because they were/are immigrants, refugees, expats, the poor and people of color. Not to place the race card, but I need to address it here, if they were whites, there won't be this tragedy.


The morbid and disgusting things here, thus murdered by capitalists:

Tenants raised concern about potential fire hazard in the building month before.

30 people were murdered because the flammable materials were cheaper, only by £5000.

Tories and Theresa May voted against safety reform because it's not profitable for their pockets.

May with her 'radical reform' to cut 10,000 firefighter jobs prior to the tragedy.

The only building without sprinklers.

Tories closed 3 fire stations near Grenfell prior to fire.


Childrens were screaming for help, trapped in the building and burned alive.

23 years old civil engineering student, survived the Syrian war, only ended up here and told his family back home "Fire's Here Now, Goodbye"

Residents ran to the top of the building and signalled for help hopelessly, but nobody came.

3 yeards old baby was thrown from 10th floor to escape fire. Baby survived, the parents did not.

May avoided to meet the survivors, while Corbyn embraced them.

A college student volunteered to help the victims from 2 in the morning to 8, then went to his exam and aced it.

Hans Zimmer donated his London concert money proceed to Grenfell victims.


Fascist scums harassing Muslim volunteers who helping victims of Grenfell.


Rest In Power, men, women and children of Grenfell.


2017-06-16 15:28:53 by SnowTeddy



it's a pain in the ass repacking Philharmonia Orchestra into Kontakt but i'm painfully enjoying it so far. it's purely masochism trying to organize single note in Kontakt. I don't know how @Bspendlove or @Lich did it so great. Bespendlove did Versilian Studios VSCO 2 Kontakt version, and Lich is doing his own libs. I've also been flexing my KSP scripting skill, VI-Control tutorials have been great help. however too terrible at making the GUI. So my placeholder scripts will be a modified Photosynthesis, a free Kontakt engine by Audio Imperia. It'll at least feature my fractal arts ;).

Since my sound design skills have been improving greatly these years, I'm putting together a free hybrid library. if this one come good then I'm releasing another experimental library featuring purely custom experimental sounds I used in my music.

I'm gonna take my time since Kontakt scripting is painful job. I'll update about the Philharmonia Orchestra lib in 1-2 weeks. if everything work out well, maybe i'll finish repacking @blackattackbitch SFZ sample pack into kontakt. been planning to finish that for a while.

Stay cool, guys and gal.

cant write shit for a while

2017-06-07 21:16:02 by SnowTeddy

sigh, until i get a new hard drive, i can't write stuff for a while. bad superblock again. this time johnfn's mega pak corrupted it. could only mount in Linux and Windows is ded. turned out my hard drive is done. and here i thought Silicon Power is better than shitty Samsung.

i'm gonna be so pissed.

#5. What if there's a browser that can block ads, trackers and fingerprints but completely free (as in free beer) and secure? Brave. Based on Chromium with sandbox protection.

#4. You heard of Google but it's too snoopy. DDG and Startpage but don't want shitty results? SearX. Self hosted and decentralized meta search engine gathered from 40 different engines. Also work through Tor.

#3. Remember Word Lens? It's now in Google Translate app!

#2. WebTorrent. Stream, download and seed torrents right in the browser.

#1. imagine a program that you can use to download every video website on this planet. also save the video page as audio file? youtube-dl.

back to...

2017-06-04 22:47:55 by SnowTeddy

anarchy. burn down the plantation.

This is once in a while chance.

Upgrade from Komplete 8-11 is $ 299.50 USD

Upgrade from Komplete Select and Maschine or Kontakt 1-5 is $ 499.50 USD

Update from older Komplete Ultimate is $ 199.50 USD

Kontakt 5 Crossgrade is $ 124.50 USD, and Update is $ 49.50 USD

New in Komplete 11 Ultimate


what's the most tasty ideology

2017-06-01 11:10:22 by SnowTeddy

narcho commie mutualism. how does that work? Proudhon and Kropotkin would shit bricks...

back to the video...

nationalism is garbage

2017-05-31 18:10:35 by SnowTeddy

you and i, we belong to two different worlds, classes and backgrounds.