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Help RealFaction's Abused Friend!

2017-05-12 22:16:50 by SnowTeddy

From the GoFundMe page:

My name is Jacob, I am 21 years old, and what I am about to say is very personal. My girlfriend is in danger, from her own parents. They abuse her on a daily basis. They have hit her, insulted her, starved her, and have told her that her dreams are stupid and to give up. 

This has broken her down so much emotionally, and for months I been trying to find a job to give her a new and better home. We have been together for over a year now, and she is my world, so I want to show her there is still hope. I cannot mention her name because the last time she went public about it, her parents made her take the post down. 

I want her to live in a safe and loving home for a change, but I live in a small town where jobs are scarce, and need to move to Ohio to my friend's house so I can find a full-time job to help my girlfriend, as well as my disabled mother who has struggled with her health over the years. I love her so much. 

I want to help the people I love, but to do that I need a little help to get to the location I need to be to find a good job. Any donations would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

You can donate via GoFundMe or Paypal via Bandcamp. Even $1 dollar would help them and @RealFaction!

Example of tracks on the album:

and your account has been ded for days. first world problem.

working on new project

2017-05-06 22:36:35 by SnowTeddy

im thinking of doing orchestra again. been doing electronic stuff for so long. something big is coming, stay tuned.


2017-05-04 21:52:23 by SnowTeddy

tfw your internet plan is slower than Tim Horton's connection, and when you tried to restock all your shit you realized the vendors only allowed you to redownload in certain amount of time. fuck them, i hate the dispustes. if they don't let me redownload them im gonna pirate. you want to force a loyal customer to pirate, this is how you make me a pirate! looking at you 8Dio and Sonokinetic.

Religion is not your enemy

2017-05-03 15:53:12 by SnowTeddy

Humanity is.

Humanity does not immune from their own ugliness even with the absence of belief. One of the worst atrocities in human history was committed by non-religious people. And the genocides in Afghan, Syria, Yemen and Iraq are supported by hypocritical roaches like Dawkins and Harris.

I have come very far to learn that religion is not the problem. Being an anarchist meaning rejecting all forms of hierarchies and authority. But being spiritual is not a crime. I see the universe and specifically Earth, as a mutual harmony of life and death. And that's very spiritual.

And I'm always amazed by the diversity of belief influenced by cultures. Whether it was Islam, where you woke up in Kabul hearing the breathtaking morning chants. Buddhism, peace of mind in a temple with silence. Christianity, the angelic sight of huge wide church decorations. Hinduism with people bathed in spiritual on the Ganges. Judaism, where Jewish people commune in silence to the synagogue.

They are all beautiful. And that's humanity.

It's important we cherish the goods and understand the wrongs.

We should not be blinded by hatred.

some music i would like to share

2017-05-02 22:31:35 by SnowTeddy

not mine, obvs.






















bad superblock meaning you could still recover right? nah i typed format option... boom everything is gone!

yup every sample libraries, projects and personal files I ever had! All gone babe! it's going to take months to redownload everything. Thank fuck I backed up my personal files and *some* projects. And also thank God until hell freeze i would have to return to my old project.

I do have a backup of samples libraries but it dated 2 months old. sigh. fuck me.

mind you this wasn't the first time i fuck up. but this time i fucked up beyond anything else.


i'll be not making music in a while so i could restock my collection. sigh.

here's the mind bend IDM track

2017-04-21 14:16:51 by SnowTeddy

420 4ever

Mind bending ambient IDM

2017-04-18 22:32:38 by SnowTeddy

been experimenting with different ambient textures. mostly spend time making these strange and trippy texture that would be something mind bending for the listeners. realized i have made enough for a big track so i'll gonna stuff them in the project sometime tomorrow. you won't be disappointed.

also the name change is quite a play. i was desired for something like 'honorable liar', mactus mendax. but i then realize no liar is ever honorable, so by accident i found the feminent 'macta', meaning guilty. so, 'guilty liar', haha. a completely random name.

fuck your pepsi, and your coke

2017-04-17 20:52:44 by SnowTeddy