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on friday

2017-03-27 21:59:51 by SnowTeddy

i finally got a place to live. been waiting for this shit in months. no longer staying in a car that is stink of piss and fish. it will happen this Friday when i move in this tiny flat. also small enough for a home studio so i can start working on a place for proper music writing.

i also got a new job. now I work for IBM as a senior sysadmin. job was accepted last week.

my health isn't getting better, but at least it doesn't affect me that critically. yet. but now im optimistic. like LSD said, maybe life will get better.

to all the people who are struggling. do not give up. we walk this night alone, but in truth we are never alone.

Did I say this profile is music focused? Can't hurt to have video game discussion sometime! You don't need 60 bucks for Battleflower 4 or COD In-space Welfare. You don't need a powerful PC either. They are all instant action where you drop right into the battle and fight.


I'm proud to say I have been playing this game since it was a mod. Now it's a full blown action game that beat every shit in the wild. It just works. Run perfectly on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Day of Infamy

From the same developer of Insurgency, and probably the greatest successor to Day of Defeat.

Project Reality

This is another game I have been playing since its early mod. Now it's a full and free game so powerful and versatile, not even Battlefield or COD could come close to it. Yet it's fully community developed. And what inspired DICE to do Battlefield 3.


Imagine BF, but with red and blue block fighters. This is the dream comes true game everybody couldn't believe it would happen. And it's better than 99% trash shooter out there.

Running With Rifles

From Finland with love. Minimature Ravenfield.

Red Orchestra

The classic war game you all love. It was ahead of its time. COD can pack the back and disappear.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The only BF game you still can get on Steam (beside DLC Bad Company Vietnam). And it's the best BF game that hasn't lost to the stupid hype of EA.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

It's what ARMA couldn't be. Sorry, Resist... :P

Red Orchestra 2

Much more immersive gameplay.

Day of Defeat: Source

Day of Defeat

The oldest known tactical realism shooter in the wild! and this came out before COD or BF1942.

CS Global Offensive

They nerfed a lot of shit, but still fun.

Brothers in Arms

Best game Ubisoft ever made.

Fog of War

I honestly don't get the hate on this game. It is what H&G couldn't be.

Sniper Elite

The original game, not the remixed craps we have now.

Far Cry

dank mau5 part II

2017-03-21 18:11:29 by SnowTeddy




i'm dropping BOMB in A.I.M.

2017-03-19 11:38:43 by SnowTeddy

in a few hours im going to show what im cooking today for the Art Inspired Contest, bro and sis!

kinda sad there isn't money prize involved cos i need it badly to donate for somebody i love (im broke myself).

i guess i'll have to release the album Ground Zero very soon.

GAME ON, good luck to other contestants!

well fuck

2017-03-18 23:21:17 by SnowTeddy

tfw when you are the only indigenous person (alive) on this website (im part Cree).



do u still love me?

Dank Mau5

2017-03-16 18:17:42 by SnowTeddy

Seize the Mau5 of production. (if you get the jokes...)




music and you

2017-03-14 21:17:38 by SnowTeddy

play a gig? sure. write a score? yeah. transcribe your shit? maybe. but burn down your possessions and sell your soul to label... fuck all that. the number of kids wasting their life away to stupid label and record for scrap make me wanna laugh and cry at the same time. you will never become like Drake or Skrillex, maybe it's time to wake up from the wet dream and wipe it off.

rewind and stop trying.

had my chance to go big numerous times. competition is cancerous. useless competition is fucking dumb. film composer? can't afford a studio. game composer? did a couple of projects but underpaid. audiojungle? that's like fucking fiverr for musicians.

stop trying. why?

you ain't rich like two steps from hell, you ain't pretty like beyonce, you ain't well connected like drake. talentless asshole like deadmau5 gets fucking famous for using Massive presets, cos he has all these three factors. unless you were born with privilege and wealth, your chance of trying hard reduced to zero.

feed your family with music job? wait until hell freezes.

good day.

i made a more detailed list weeks ago, but clicked the wrong button and... oh well, here is the condensed list.

unfortunately i cannot add kontakt instruments because they need full kontakt to use, except Factory Selection.

make yourselves proud of NG that we have 5+ users on here making free instruments. kudos to samulis, camoshark, etherealwinds, sonohanro, maestrorage (SoS), blackattackbitch.

please comment if you want to add more to here.


VS Upright

Miscellania 1

Miscellania 2

Etherealwinds Harp

VS Zither

Bigcat Instruments resource

Sorohanro's muted trumpet, vuvuzela, recorder, chimes, tambourine loops, free sampletank samples, choir sample pack, bamboo, trumpet loop.

DSK Saxophone, Overture, Virtuoso, ChoirZ, World StringZ, Indian DreamZ, Harmonica, Strings

the original SSO

blackattackbitch's collection

New Horizon Orchestra

SampleTank Free

Kontakt Factory Selection


(SFZ available) Piano in 162 


Ixox Flute

Merry Orks

War Tuba


Karoryfer x bigcat cello


bigfishaudio cinematic sample pack

philharmonia orchestra samples (in a single zip)

samplephonic cinematic perc samples

Noisecrux brass ensemble

Sustain Strings


free solo cello

patch arena collection

double bass pizzicato

D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass

Musyng Kite


Open your mind to music

2017-03-10 21:19:01 by SnowTeddy

Often musicians are pride of their own ability to turn specific styles and genres into wondrous art piece. The problem with that, in my opinion, is that limiting yourselves in specific genres kill your true potential of creativity. Like borders or genders, genres are construct that stop interactions between humanity and building cells jailing their own thought. These thoughts become perspectives that damage their own true self, and wrongly express their opinion.

Music affect by the same problem. We often told ourselves that classical is better than every other genres, but truth is classical is part of the problem. Genres are meaningless. There is no boundary in sound, and how it was formed.

Music is a form of language, and when we learn a new language, it changes the way your brain and thought functioning. Embrace the difference and dive into the new. Communication should be universal and should not be divided by culture, class, sex or race. Music is communication.

Be open mind on how you listen, play or write music.

It will enventually change the way you observe this world. Maybe even be more acceptance for fellow humans like me. We look different than you or live in a different world, doesn't mean we don't share the same world.

Be open. We are not your enemy.

10 best free FX plugins (Updated)

2017-02-27 22:29:58 by SnowTeddy

Please contribute if you know more good stuff and i'll add them here.

Guitar Rig Player














TLs Pocket Limiter






by @DarkHorseOrchestra (ideally for glitch/IDM/psybient)





Valhalla Freq Echo


and @Lich





Saturation Knob